A message from the President - Fraud Warning

A message from the President - Fraud Warning

Due to recent occurrences in Venezuela, we warn against Miss Supranational e-mails with a “.com” ending! Do not pay money to those persons!

Neither Mr Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski nor his staff consisting of Mr Edwin Dominguez, Mr Jerzy “Jurek” Szamborski, Ms Natalia Pelak, Mrs Barbara Modzelewska, Ms Paulina Pawlowska and newly Ms Karina Pinilla is authorized to act in our name or on our behalf!

Dear Reader

In September 2013, the World Beauty Association (WBA) became victim of its own success. Miss Supranational faced unpleasant incidents with its former launch partner Mr Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski of Nowa Scena from Poland.

For the first time during our five years lasting start phase, Mr Parzutka von Lipinski made profit when we allowed him to sublicense his last year to ONT TV of Belarus. This and the prospect of my advanced talks with a keenly interested host for Miss Supranational 2014 in Africa made him execute an obviously longer planned coup: 

  • Exactly on the day of return from Belarus, Mr Parzutka von Lipinski cut us off our Poland-based webpage and e-mail server and also deleted me as the founder and general administrator of our fanpage on facebook. This all was only possible because I trusted him as his friend and former banker. I beg you pardon for my carelessness in this personal matter. So, is no longer under our control. That old webpage for the initial five years is not up-dated anymore [admin's remark: that webpage was finally replaced in April] and is only used by the ‘company raiders’ for doing mischief by publishing false statements. On facebook, Mr Parzutka von Lipinski deludes with medacious propaganda but doesn’t take care of our page. Proof: You find lots of inapproriate comments or non-supranational promotion for other pageants which are not taken out since September.
  • Mr Parzutka von Lipinski won Mr Edwin Dominguez, a jobless Panamanian who writes for his own pageant webpage, to support him in doing correspondence in the name of Miss Supranational. He made the Polish Nowa Scena staff use the stolen addresses and announced on the thieved social media his personal favorite, our former 2010 winner from Panama, as WBA’s Vice President. 
  • The figurehead of our initial years, Mrs Marcela Yandar Lobón, found only once – in 2010 – the way to a final. For her as a nominee president only, it was okay and with regard to her latest baby for us as shareholders acceptable. But you will understand that we as a mature contest and in a challenging situation need in future more representation. After we found out that her baby’s father is Mr Macej "Matthias" D. from Poland, a friend of Mr Parzutka von Lipinski, we had reasonable doubts of her reliability and independence. 

To ensure the Supranational-related local business models of our worldwide license holders and defend our contest organization and its veracity, I was forced to take over the lead as President of WBA last November. As the person behind former pro-forma president Mrs Marcela Yandar Lobón, an esteemed management team of good repute from the real economy will support me and the Miss Supranational contest. They all will be presented personally and you will be amazed. A new event & pageant manager is hired, the proven suppliers in production are at the ready and a new TV director will be found.

After my personal words to our National Directors and this notice to the fans of Miss Supranational, we will leave the bandits behind and go back to work – to enjoy and entertain you with a stunning next edition: Miss Supranational 2014!

Yours faithfully

Carsten Mohr
World Beauty Association (WBA)