Who will be the next winner?

Who will be the next winner?

In our first five years, three winners came from Europe, one from Central America and the current queen from Asia. Is it time for a beautiful lady from Australia, Oceania or Africa to win the crown of the next Miss Supranational?

Let us take the time to have a look on those winning ladies who wrote history until now:

Oksana Moria

Born 1988 in Ukraine, became the first Miss Supranational ever - in 2009. The model and make-up artist lives now in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation.

Karina Pinilla

Born 1985 in Panama, convinced in 2010. The model became well known as Miss Supranational in her home country.

Monika Lewczuk

Born 1988 in Poland, was the third Miss Supranational in 2011. The talented singer started her musical career under the name Monikah.

Katsiaryna Buraya

Born 1988 in Belarus, won the Miss Supranational crown in 2012. The TV presenter works as a model in Milan.

Mutya Datul

Born 1992 in the Philippines, is our current winner. Miss Supranational 2013 enjoys being a global VIP and a superstar at home.

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